3D Studio

In the "Ambroise Pare" hall of TELEC is located a unique 3D studio for broadcasting images in 3D format with ultra-high quality on a screen with a diameter of over 10 m. 3D images and videos are observed with special glasses. The hall has a capacity of over 120 people. The picture is generated by a 3D projector, which can emit recordings, 3D presentations and models, anatomical atlases, and allows a live connection with the 3D image of robotic operations performed with the robotic system da Vinci Si in the oncology operating room at the University Hospital " Georgi Stranski ”. In 2019, within the VII School of Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgery for students, a live robotic anterior resection of the rectum was performed in a patient with rectal cancer. The participants watched the whole operation in 3D format and made a live connection with the operating team with the opportunity for questions and answers. Observers can put themselves in the surgeon's place, to see exactly what he sees in a 3D environment with extreme accuracy. The 3D studio has training opportunities in almost all disciplines. In the era of new technologies, 3D learning will become mandatory with its advantages of much better and more accurate visualization, easier perception of the material and more complete and detailed presentation of objects and procedures.