VR Studio

Medical University - Pleven (MU-Pleven) has a unique lab for training in a virtual reality environment. It is part of the Telecommunication Endoscopy Center (TELEC), located at the Faculty of Pharmacy. Virtual reality (VR) is an innovative technology generated by computer systems, sensors and goggles, which creates a virtual, physically non-existent environment that strongly resembles the real one. The advantage and potential of this innovation is that learners have a better idea of the proportions, distance and depth of objects in space. The 360 degree range view gives opportunity to observe multiple processes in a single room. The technology also allows the use of 3D sound. Other advantages of virtual reality are its accessibility, expressed in the fact that more students are "present" at the operation, safety - allowing training without risk to the patient, uniqueness - allowing the recreation and observation of situations in which even experienced surgeons have rarely been. The VR studio has 10 virtual reality sets that are used for research activities, training of undergraduate, postgraduate and fellowship trained surgeons.  Both real-time and pre-recorded surgeries and manipulations can be observed from the high-tech studio. Live links have been established with the operating theatre of St. Marina" - Pleven and the robotic operating room of the Surgical oncology Department at the University Hospital "Dr. Georgi Stransky" - Pleven, allowing even direct communication with the operating team. There is a catalogue with recorded operations and manipulations, accompanied by medical data about the patient and the diagnosis. VR technology is gaining a great speed of development and popularity, and its integration into the field of medicine is becoming more and more widespread.