Augmented reality

An augmented reality system is positioned in the TELEC building. Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that integrates digital information into the real user environment. It offers a new approach to treatment and medical training. Augmented reality helps in planning surgery and treating patients and can be used to explain complex medical situations to patients and their relatives. Research efforts in the field are constantly being intensified and solutions for various domains are being developed. Especially in the medical field, advanced imaging technologies have transformed surgical practice over the past few decades, offering a whole new world of possibilities for applying AR systems. AR has the potential to revolutionize medicine. During surgery, AR systems provide medical imaging and other patient information superimposed on the operating area in the most intuitive way. In addition, AR-assisted navigation systems can reduce the risk of complications and improve the safety and quality of operations, AR education systems train tomorrow's surgeons to acquire critical skills, and AR rehabilitation concepts help patients recover faster after interventions.

Augmented reality equipment in TELEC currently has the ability to train students in such an environment, and specialists can use it for preoperative planning for each patient by using images from high-quality imaging such as CT and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The individual features of each patient can be presented in a 3D augmented reality environment and to anticipate and eliminate in advance any difficulties in performing surgical intervention.