Advanced-level Courses

Head Instructor of the Course:
Prof. Dr. Grigor Gortchev, MD, PhD

Telecommunication University Endoscopic Center, Pleven – Bulgaria

Laparoscopic and robotized surgery. Training on live tissue.

Dear Colleagues,

From the position of Director of TELEC I want to express my appreciation of the fact that you are interested in the training program in Laparoscopic Surgery offered by our Center.

The Telecommunication Center provides for its trainees in Endoscopic Surgery the most contemporary conditions in order to accomplish intensive mastery of the basic principles of this type of surgery and for fast understanding of its innovative achievements. Furthermore, it is even of greater significance that you are going to be enrolled in our program of continuing education in Laparoscopic Surgery which will include consultative assistance, refresher training courses and information for further specialized courses.

With due respect!

Prof. Dr. Grigor Gorchev, MD, PhD
Director of TELEC and Head Instructor of the Course