The technologically advanced equipment of the Storz Company, positioned in the operating block of the University Hospital for Intensive Treatment Dr. Georgi Stranski – Pleven, is UNIQUE for Bulgaria and the second in installation on the Balkan Peninsula. At present countries such as the United States of America, Germany, France, Spain and the UK are working with such equipment and it can be seen partially in some structures in Asia, Africa and South America.

The onco-gynaecologists and onco-surgeons from Pleven were the first in the country to demonstrate confidence in their work with the most contemporary endoscopic surgical equipment meeting the requirements for maintaining European quality.

Inspired by their great ambition to be the first not only in English-medium education in Medicine and the problem-based learning, but also in the latest form of TELECOMMUNICATION TRAINING, the lecturers of the University have conquered another summit in the field of medical pedagogy.

The President of the Republic of Bulgaria – Mr. Georgi Parvanov officially launched TELEC Center

The purpose of development of the minimally invasive surgery is to achieve faster recovery of the patients and their going back to social life. The establishment of the center has been possible with many investments and was carried out in two main stages. At the first stage of the project operating rooms for Telesurgery were equipped, while at the second stage the Telecenter for Training was built. The operating room of Telemedicine was founded a year ago in the Clinic of Oncological Gynaecology at the Hospital of Pleven. It is equipped with highly advanced technology of the leading companies Storz and Triumph. Such equipment is known as the most advanced endoscopic technology throughout the world. Its implementation approves the minimally invasive surgery as clinical technique with great potential; it helps to achieve precision of the procedure, benefit for the patient, and also full concentration of the surgeon on the operating activity. For all these reasons, the Center stands out with its uniqueness within the country and for the whole European Union in general.

In the center, two training amphitheatrically designed halls are equipped with a built-in audiovisual conference network for establishing connection outside the borders of the country. A training operating room in Endoscopic Surgery was constructed with the use of animals for experimental purposes, which is supplied with video conference connection and four posts. The virtual Endotrainer has been installed there, being the first of its kind in Eastern Europe – a real-time training system in Endoscopic Surgery possessing software of 18 000 interventions recorded from the worldwide practice. The Endotrainer is able to select the operator on its own. Conference halls and a library are constructed within the Center as well.

With the foundation of the Center the undergraduate and the postgraduate students can obtain a new type of unique training giving them the possibility to work with advanced equipment. This system is capable of maintaining constant connection among the operator during the surgical intervention, the conference and experimental operating rooms, and the diagnostic and therapeutic centers within the country and abroad.

The traditional surgery has used up all its possibilities; thus, we are adopting a new type of interventions. In the town of Pleven, the entire base of Telesurgery has been established, of the so-called surgery from a distance.